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TRX Coach Course: Elevating Fitness Training Skills

The primary goal was to establish the MTC Dome as the premier TRX destination in Namibia and to enhance the skills of our staff in using TRX equipment effectively, ensuring they are well-prepared to deliver top-notch training to our community.

Event Date: 15 - 16 April 2024

Location: The MTC Dome

Event Type: Full-day event


  • TRX Suspension Training Course (STC) - Credential: TRX QUALIFIED

  • YBell Coaching Course (YBCC) - Credential: TRX YBell QUALIFIED

  • TRX Functional Training Course (FTC) - Credential: TRX QUALIFIED

Event Highlights:

The event, hosted at the MTC Dome, was a remarkable success. Renowned TRX facilitators Darren Dillon and Nathan D'Rozario led the courses, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience. Their expertise was invaluable in providing high-quality training to all participants.


  • MTC Dome Staff: Our team members received comprehensive training, significantly boosting their confidence and competence in using TRX equipment.

  • Public Participants: Fitness enthusiasts from the local community eagerly joined the sessions, showing great interest in TRX training.

  • International Guests: We were thrilled to welcome two attendees from South Africa, highlighting the event's growing reputation and appeal.

Looking Forward:

The success of this event has solidified our partnership with TRX International. We are excited about future collaborations and are particularly looking forward to the upcoming TRX Summit on 21 - 22 October 2024. This summit promises to be another milestone in our journey to becoming a leading TRX training center in the region.

Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to enhance your fitness journey with TRX at the MTC Dome!

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