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10th Anniversary JSKA World Championship Namibia Karate Tournament

6 April 2024 at the MTC Dome Namibia

The 18th edition of the Africa Union Sports Council (AUSC) Region 5 Karate Federation Championships concluded this past weekend at the MTC Dome in Swakopmund, marking a significant milestone in the region's martial arts scene. The two-day event witnessed fierce competition from approximately 500 karatekas representing Namibia, Mozambique, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Angola.

Namibia's Stellar Performance

Namibia achieved an impressive second place, amassing a total of 106 medals:

  • Gold: 21

  • Silver: 27

  • Bronze: 58

This performance is a testament to the dedication and hard work of Namibian karatekas. The championship not only served as a platform for regional camaraderie but also highlighted the growing standards and competitive spirit of karate in Africa.

Suzelle Pronk: A Champion's Farewell

A notable highlight for Namibia was the outstanding performance of local karate champion Suzelle Pronk from Swakopmund. Pronk clinched gold in both the women's senior kata and kumite divisions, marking a triumphant end to her illustrious 32-year karate career as she announced her retirement from the sport.

Overall Medal Standings

1. South AfricaTotal: 99 Medals

  • Gold: 42

  • Silver: 25

  • Bronze: 32

2. NamibiaTotal: 106 Medals

  • Gold: 21

  • Silver: 27

  • Bronze: 58

3. BotswanaTotal: 39 Medals

  • Gold: 11

  • Silver: 13

  • Bronze: 15

4. AngolaTotal: 23 Medals

  • Gold: 7

  • Silver: 8

  • Bronze: 8

5. MozambiqueTotal: 2 Medals

  • Gold: 1

  • Bronze: 1

6. ZimbabweTotal: 1 Medal

  • Gold: 1

7. ZambiaTotal: 8 Medals

  • Silver: 4

  • Bronze: 4

Top Performers

Here are some of the standout results from the championships:

Under 15 Cadet Female Kumite (-61 kg)

  1. Nellao Naruses (Namibia)

  2. Micke Strydom (South Africa)

  3. Demi von Solms (Namibia)

Under 15 Cadet Male Kumite (-63 kg)

  1. Cayden Poulton (Namibia)

  2. Le Roux Keegan (South Africa)

  3. Zambwe Matomola (Namibia)

Under 15 Cadet Male Kumite (-70 kg)

  1. Jason Hitula (Namibia)

  2. Praise Jeremiah Nkhulungo (Namibia)

  3. Hanre Dreyer (South Africa)

Under 17 Junior Female Kumite

  1. Tracy-Lee Cloete (Namibia)

  2. Morkel Faheeffa (Namibia)

  3. Naidu Nataniah (South Africa)

Under 21 Female Individual Kata

  1. Merziaan Mouton (Namibia)

  2. Chareen Magalie (Botswana)

  3. Amantle Leburu (Botswana)

Under 21 Female Kumite

  1. Ronja Porteus (Namibia)

  2. Albina Mwape (Zambia)

Individual Kata Female Seniors

  1. Suzelle Pronk (Namibia)

  2. Lethabo Sekano (Botswana)

  3. Lesego Masimola (Botswana)

Individual Female Senior Kumite

  1. Pronk Suzelle (Namibia)

  2. Augusto Claviene (Angola)

  3. Namakau Lilly Mwiya (Namibia)

Individual Kata Male Seniors

  1. Tyler Hogan (South Africa)

  2. Ramasimong Boemo (Botswana)

  3. Keanu Stuurman (Namibia)

Veterans 35-45 years Male Individual Kata

  1. Ely Zaid (Namibia)

Smooth Coordination at the MTC Dome

The MTC Dome, serving as the event coordinator, ensured that the setup in the Indoor Sport Centre was up to par and that all activities throughout the event ran smoothly, contributing to the success of the championship.

The 10th Anniversary JSKA World Championship in Namibia was more than just a tournament; it was a celebration of skill, dedication, and the unifying power of sports. The event underscored the remarkable growth of karate in the region and left an indelible mark on all participants and spectators.

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