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A View of 
The MTC Dome

High - Performance Sport Centre

Entrepreneurship Hub

Prestigious Events Venue

The MTC Dome

A world-class, multi-purpose and multi-discipline one-stop centre for sport, business and leisure.

Motivated by people's aspirations, we actively engage in unleashing the potential of our forthcoming heroes.

We achieve this by fostering progressive and entrepreneurial thinking, aspiring to authenticity, and innovating in the development of a sports and youth ecosystem embedded with a high-performance culture.

MTC Dome is not just a venue; it's a destination:

  • Namibia’s only high-performance sports centre, a one-stop facility for the optimal development and performance of future stars.

  • It features a unique entrepreneurial development division, characterized by progressive and entrepreneurial thinking, innovation, and authenticity in job creation.

  • The Dome is one of the most prestigious, multi-functional sports and events venues on the African continent.

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At the MTC Dome, a cohesive ecosystem is fostered through the shared values upheld by all.

Our Leadership Team

MTC Dome Staff

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