MTC Dome brain gym

Who said you can't train your brain. ​​Time to get your brain active with the MTC Dome Brain Gym. 
We provide a variety of activities to aid you in improving your cognitive function and brain's capabilities.


Have you ever heard the term Neuroscience? Has it tickled your curiosity yet? Neuroscience aims to understand how the nervous system produces and regulates emotion, thought, behaviour, and critical bodily functions, including breathing and keeping the heart beating. The Dome Brain Gym does work based on these principles to assess the individual's cognitive ability and Neuro-agility, focusing on how well and efficiently the brain and nervous system function and how well it works with the rest of the body. Our sessions are based on the initial assessment results improving various aspects of brain functioning and efficiency. This would then enhance an individual's focus, attention span, concentration, information tracking and ability to retain and recall information. Sessions at the Dome Brain Gym are also seen as continuous evaluations to ensure optimal cognitive functioning.

Here at the MTC Dome Brain Gym, we are passionate about your mental and physical ability and how that translates into your world. Together with the High-Performance department, we offer the following services: 

  • Neurocognitive Assessments & Sessions 
  • Health and Skill Related Physical Assessments & Sessions 
  • Dietary Assessments 
  • Brain Profiling 
  • Sport Specific Assessments  & Sessions