Obtain top-tier event materials and merchandise with a touch of professionalism through our on-site Print Studio, Activate Brands and Printing. We guarantee superior branding and promotional items that leave a lasting impression.  

We stand prepared to create, print, digitize, and breathe life into your brand!  

Our suite of services encompasses comprehensive brand activation, spanning from the inception of your brand to the essential marketing materials and immersive experiences required to propagate brand recognition.  

Leveraging our industry acumen and adeptness, coupled with an extensive network of premier local and global service providers, we ensure you and your brand reap the rewards of swift, uncomplicated, and inventive solutions for printing, branding, and digital demands. 


Situated within the vibrant confines of the MTC Dome High-Performance Sports Centre, our co-work space presents an unparalleled and invigorating setting for individuals and teams to flourish. Seamlessly blending work with training, this space accommodates the dynamic lifestyle of those seeking peak performance.  

Embrace the convenience of intermingling work and training by enjoying a coffee and snack from Lounah Cup while transforming our co-work space into your personal office or meeting venue. Athletes, entrepreneurs, sports teams, and managers can find their ideal work and gathering environment within Co-work at the Dome.  

Enhancing the experience further, you have access to locker facilities ensuring the safety of your belongings, swift and dependable Wi-Fi, and an in-house print studio offering on-the-go printing services. Additionally, our professional brand activation services cater to a wide array of printing and branding necessities, ensuring your comprehensive needs are met.


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